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The Top Hotel Bathroom Design Trends For 2015: What’s In & What’s Out

Posted by John Montgomery

Sep 1, 2015 6:00:00 AM

When staying at a hotel, almost nothing is more disappointing for a guest than a bathroom in need of a serious update. It’s one of the first things guests check upon entering their room. Immediately, a guest notices if their bathroom appears fresh and new.

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3 Creative Design Ideas For The Cost-Conscientious Casino

Posted by John Montgomery

Jul 7, 2015 5:30:00 AM

When your profits are in decline and customers take their business to your competitors, it’s time for a casino design upgrade. However, profit loss means you’re on a redesign budget, and major casino design ideas and renovations are expensive.

How do you turn budget-friendly casino design ideas into your dream renovation reality?

Upgrade Interior Design Colors And Finishes First

Breathing new life into your casino floor begins with upgrading your color scheme and finishes. Splashes of color and modernized finishes are all about the art of illusion – these simple changes are relatively inexpensive yet create major impact.

Lean towards casino design ideas – colors and finishes especially – that aim to grab people’s attention and get them talking to their friends. This might include a casino-wide overhaul or one big casino design idea that is instantly striking and helps to create dynamic flow from one space to another.

A great example of the latter casino design idea mentioned above is what one casino did by creating a “Golden River” ceiling feature. Once this fiery river was installed, it created an inverse Yellow Brick Road that patrons naturally found themselves following.

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7 Ways To Collaborate With An Interior Designer On Your Hotel Remodel

Posted by John Montgomery

Feb 5, 2015 6:00:00 AM

When looking to collaborate with an interior designer for your hotel remodel, you need someone who acts as a sounding board for your ideas and is capable of taking your vision to the next level. Your interior designer should also work on guiding you away from any potential missteps. 

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5 Hotel Interior Design Elements That Translate Into Happy Guests

Posted by John Montgomery

Nov 13, 2014 11:09:00 AM

People have a tendency towards loyalty when it comes to hotels. Travelers, of course, try out new places for a new experience, but they typically always remember and revisit the hotels that provided them with the most enjoyable experience.

A happy guest results from incorporating interior design elements into your hotel that have guests’ best interests in mind. From big reconstruction overhauls to something as simple as anticipating the small elements a customer needs or expects, the goal of any hotel is to make guests feel taken care of while being treated to pleasing hotel design aesthetics and amenities.

When it comes to a hotel interior design for guest rooms, there are a number of simple yet functional elements to incorporate to fulfill the needs of every customer.

Here are five suggestions for incorporating interior design elements your hotel rooms that ensure satisfied guests:

1. Provide Perfect Placement For Power Outlets

Have you ever tried to move a nightstand or bed in a hotel room to get to a power outlet? Poorly situated power outlets are frustrating for your hotel guests. Today, travelers pack a number of tech devices – smartphones, iPads, laptops and gaming devices – and you need to provide a number of well-situated outlets so there’s zero inconvenience.

An easy-to-implement interior design idea is to provide properly placed outlets as a feature of bedside lighting fixtures. This way, when powering up a device, a guest doesn’t have to stand next to an outlet to send a text message, research a restaurant or do work. They may sit back and relax on the bed while they use their device.

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Does Your Design Firm Put Your Casino In The Best Light?

Posted by John Montgomery

Sep 18, 2014 8:28:00 AM

When discussing casino lighting with your design firm, do they talk in terms of art and science?

Does your design firm implement interior design lighting techniques that draw patrons to certain parts of your casino floor? Do they choose lighting hues for your casino based on creating moods – moods that encourage lounge-like leisure or red-hot gambling action?

Lighting design is about aesthetics, but it also embodies a lot of technical knowledge and application. Beyond visual quality and visual interest, there’s psychology behind casino lighting design.

People Follow The Brightest Path

Behavior is affected by lighting, and people’s attentions are drawn toward brightness. Even when using downlights for a corridor, your design firm should have the lights illuminating at a high level.

The right casino design firm uses lighting to draw patrons into your casino, and then motivates further exploration by illuminating key focal points on your casino floor. Focal impact through lighting is achieved by increasing the brightness contrast between the object and its surroundings.

People find it pleasing to face walls that are illuminated. Remember, your patrons do not like to sit in brightness – they like to see brightness.

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Casino Design: Use Regional Aesthetics For A Compelling Casino Floor

Posted by John Montgomery

Sep 4, 2014 9:42:00 AM

Let’s have a raise of hands for anyone who’s grown weary of the ultra-urban, sterile, sleek, cold neon look of your average casino design …

Yes, we thought so. We’ve all seen it, done it and are really, truly over it.
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Casino Design For The New Generation: Get In The Game

Posted by John Montgomery

Aug 7, 2014 7:32:00 AM

Staying relevant to clientele while also implementing new gaming innovations has always presented its challenges. If you’re a decision-maker at a casino and not planning for a major technological transition in your casino design and gambling, you’re essentially folding and not playing the hand you’ve been dealt.

Every industry is tasked with staying on the cutting edge of rapidly changing technology, as the changes in technology are now influencing how customers buy in to products and services. The casino industry is no different.

You need to look at the habits and preferences of the new generation of gamers. Now is the time to get in the game and start betting on casino design for the new generation. Here’s how:

Mobile Gaming Means A Design Overhaul To Your Casino Floor

Traditional casino design was an exercise in disorienting clientele into never leaving the premises, via windowless, serpentine dwellings. This type of casino floor interior design is simply not going to work in an age when patrons are entirely mobile with the use of smartphones or tablets.

Casino design and architecture should focus on not confining gamers to one area of gaming. Your clientele should be able to play from the bar, their hotel room, in uniquely designed spaces and while waiting for a show to start.

Static rows of slot machines that exist in most casinos today should be replaced with casino design that features more interesting, compact gaming spaces. Providing gamers with multiple points of comfortable, cool repose to play a game makes them want to stay and explore.

The design idea here is to create, through interior design presentation, an experience that players are unable to access online.

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3 Non-Gaming Casino Design Ideas: Going Beyond The Casino Floor

Posted by John Montgomery

Jul 24, 2014 5:11:00 AM

Bill Friedman, author of the book “Stripping Las Vegas: A Contextual Review Of Casino Resort Architecture,” is quoted as saying, “… a comfortable player is a continuous player.”

There’s a lot of scientific research and psychological assumptions proven to suggest Friedman’s statement is correct. The right casino design, taking its cues from current trends in modern architecture, features casino interior design that feels more like a refuge than an unruly free-for-all.

The goal: Design your casino floor with non-gaming areas for mental restoration to reduce your patrons’ stress levels.

The following three non-gaming casino design ideas highlight the “adult playground” mentality, given that the prime reasons people visit your casino are to seek pleasure and have fun:

1. Strategically Positioning Non-Gaming Casino Drivers

Casino drivers are your non-gaming facilities that are situated around the casino floor, including restaurants, bars, spas and entertainment. These profit centers drive incremental gaming by attracting plenty of players, ultimately keeping the machines and tables occupied.

Your casino drivers should be strategically located to draw people into the least accessible gambling areas. Many small, separate playing worlds are alluring. These intimate playing areas give gamblers and their families’ options for staying captivated, while also creating pockets of intimate gambling respite.

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