3 Creative Design Ideas For The Cost-Conscientious Casino

Posted by John Montgomery

Jul 7, 2015 5:30:00 AM

When your profits are in decline and customers take their business to your competitors, it’s time for a casino design upgrade. However, profit loss means you’re on a redesign budget, and major casino design ideas and renovations are expensive.

How do you turn budget-friendly casino design ideas into your dream renovation reality?

Upgrade Interior Design Colors And Finishes First

creative casino design for a small budget

Breathing new life into your casino floor begins with upgrading your color scheme and finishes. Splashes of color and modernized finishes are all about the art of illusion – these simple changes are relatively inexpensive yet create major impact.

Lean towards casino design ideas – colors and finishes especially – that aim to grab people’s attention and get them talking to their friends. This might include a casino-wide overhaul or one big casino design idea that is instantly striking and helps to create dynamic flow from one space to another.

A great example of the latter casino design idea mentioned above is what one casino did by creating a “Golden River” ceiling feature. Once this fiery river was installed, it created an inverse Yellow Brick Road that patrons naturally found themselves following.

Use High-End Finishes In Key Places Of Your Casino

Colorful casino upgrades for a small budget

All casino design aims for some level of opulence. While saving on certain costs when it comes to interior design color and finishing upgrades, it’s also important to use some high-end finishes. Use these more expensive details sparingly, and in locations where customers are going to take notice.

The front of the house is the most important place to use high-end finishes for your casino design renovation, as this is where visitors begin their experience the moment they arrive. Spend money where it will be noticed. You have one shot at attracting a customer, and you want to sway public perception from the second they step foot in your venue.

Hire An Interior Designer Who Makes Creative Use Of Standard Materials

Casino creative design

The right interior designer should have a lot of experience in making the most of materials. He or she should be capable of turning sustainable materials into something stunning.

Whether it’s upcycling used materials or knowing how to creatively apply materials like molding or stain so the finished product looks like millwork, your interior designer should have these tools in his or her back pocket to cut on casino design costs.

In the casino industry, you’ve got to consistently stay on trend and maintain appeal to both new and old clientele. Keeping your casino fresh and exciting requires new looks and additional features.

With the right casino interior design firm, you get a partner who’s passionate about bringing your vision to life without breaking the bank.

Ready to learn more about budget-friendly casino design ideas to impact your players and keep them coming back? Contact the experts at Montgomery Roth, whose interior design service is experienced in turning budget casino design projects into breathtaking results.

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